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Sustainability at the Hotel Wieser


In the Hotel Wieser sustainability is in the foreground!
Satisfying your needs for future generations and ensuring a dignified life.

Sustainability means constantly taking care not only of the present but also of the future.
Protecting resources, material / immaterial goods, economic / ecological units, especially if they are no longer renewable.
Creating comparable or better living conditions for future generations.

The definition of the Brundtland Report of the United Nations of 1987:
Sustainable development is a development that ensures that future generations are not worse off than their present needs to satisfy their needs.

We are looking to the future !

  • Milk - Alois Innerhofer (Eggerbauer from Mittersill)
  • Honey - Kleinummerstal farm
  • Salad and Vegetables - Gärtnerei National Park (Stuhlfelden)
  • Eggs - from the house chickens
  • Meat - from local farmers
  • Smoked trout and smoked salmon trout - Leogang mountain trout
  • Cocoa - from Switzerland by the company Felchlin
  • Puff pastry and strudel dough - Franz Geisler
  • homemade apple cider vinegar from own apple trees
  • Butterkäse, Pinzgauer cheese, pepper cheese - Hartl family
  • Jam - homemade from local berries
  • Herbs - from your own garden
  • Venison meat - from our dear regular guest Wolfgang
  • Butter, Yoghurt, Cream Cheese -vom Egarteck Hof in Mittersill
  • Meat loaf, Pork bratwurst, Frankfurter - butcher's shop Oberbräu Mittersill
  • Breadcrumbs - Butcher's shop Rumpold
  • our homemade washing powder according to the recipes from the book "Five home remedies replace a drugstore"
  • Homemade elderflower syrup and elderberry liqueur These products can also be purchased on request!